Electric Curtains and Electric Curtain Track Blog

Welcome to the Braintree and Halstead model railway club electric curtains blog. Within this blog we aim to provide information to people considering buying an electric curtain track, this will include tips on how and where to buy them from as well as some common potential pitfalls to avoid when actually buying them.

Is an electric curtain track the right gadget for you?

In our opinion out there, there a few homes that can’t benefit from an electric curtain rail, these devices truly are remarkable and in our opinion one of the greatest home automation devices available. The positives for having them are many and below we are going to run through a few of them.

For starters, they look absolutely incredible. There are few pieces of technology that actually fit into your home seamlessly but this is definitely one of them, a swish curtain track could be the perfect addition to your home. There is one draw back though, we’ve yet to come across a model of corded curtain track that isn’t white, unfortunately this may mean that depending on the colour scheme that you’re aiming for you may need to paint your electric curtains a colour that suits the room that you’re placing them in.

electric curtains

Where can you place electric curtain rails?

Electric curtain tracks are incredibly versatile, they can even be placed in bay windows, in order to do this though you need to first have your curtain tracks for bay windows bent to meet your measurements. If you have rather large windows in your home you may find it difficult finding a suitable motorised curtain track too because the largest models that we have seen only go up to 5 meters in length. This is usually more than enough track length for most peoples’ needs but you may be one of the exceptions to this rule.

How does electric curtain tracks work?

In principle electric curtains are relatively straight forward as electrical gadgets go. They work much on the same principle as non electric curtain rails do but with the exception that a motor is used to pull on the curtain loops themselves which in turn closes the curtains. The operation of these devices themselves is where things get a little more clever, depending on which model and brand of electric curtain tracks that you purchase, they may have many different features.

What are common electric curtain track features?

One feature that is pretty universal to all models is that they come with a button that controls the opening and closing of the curtains themselves. If you require additional features to this then you may find that the price starts to increase too. Optionally you can add a remote control as well as timer and light sensor option that can all have an input on the time of day that your electric curtains actually operate and open and close.